The art of speaking up podcast

Are you self-conscious about the sound of your own voice? Do you hesitate to speak up for fear that you won’t sound confident?

If you struggle to accept the sound of your voice, then today’s episode is for you. Today I’m speaking with Tracy Goodwin, voice coach and owner of Captivate the Room. Tracy has dedicated her career to helping people connect with their authentic voices. In addition to working with performers and actors, Tracy also does extensive work with leaders and Professionals in the corporate space, helping them connect with the truest and most authentic version of their own voices.

One of my absolute favorite things about Tracy’s work is that her method does not emphasize changing our voice, but rather, Tracy helps her clients uncover the voice that is most authentic to them. As Tracy will share, we often hide behind vocal mechanisms and ways of speaking that are not true to who we are. This can make it more challenging for us to have impact and for us to express ourselves and our ideas effectively.

If you’ve listen to the show before, you know that authenticity is core value of the show, and Tracy’s work is rooted in uncovering the authentic sound of each person’s voice. In this conversation, you will learn how to unpeel the layers of fear that may be keeping you from tapping into the most authentic version of your voice, and uncover how you can express confidence and authenticity through the sound of your voice.

Tracy shares insights and advice on how to be more confident in our voices, and she explains the connection between how we feel and how our voice sounds. She also shares the basic building blocks of vocal variety and explains how we can use these to have more impact when we speak.