I was getting beaten every night​

Tracy Goodwin was a Freshman in college and was cast as the lead in a play. The young man playing opposite of her began to beat her as part of a scene. The intensity increased over time and Tracy asked the play Director if it could stop. The director refused and threatened to replace her. Tracy was devastated. Listen to Tracy’s story of how she was able to get over this hump and move onward and upward faster.

Tracy was born and raised in Kingwood, Texas just outside of Houston along with her two older sisters and an older brother.

Her older brother and sister are quite older than her and her middle sister, so it’s as if there were two families of siblings. Her mother was resilient and caring home maker.

Her father was a Choctaw Indian, born on a reservation in Oklahoma. Her dad was her inspiration as he lived an extremely difficult life and overcame incredible circumstances to become the President and CEO of the largest pipe fabrication company in the world.

Growing up in a family where she was not a loud to use her voice Tracy started entering speaking contests at the age of 12. Wanting to be a professional actor Tracy when to college and received Bachelors of Fine Arts and Master of Child Drama.

Continuing to act and working professionally as an actor for years and then directing plays all over the world at the age of 34 she finally found her destiny.

Tracy now is the Chief Voice Coach of Captivate the Room. And author of Captivate the Room with your Voice.

Tracy is proud to leave behind as her legacy two thing. First recovering her son from autism which was somewhat severe in the early days and doing it without support from family or friends. She sees that as one of her greatest blessings because it give her the ability to get her son everywhere he needs to succeed. Her second legacy is the number of people that she has helped step into the power of their voice and get from limitations linked to their voice from their past experiences.

She has overcome insurmountable odds both personally and professionally but God has seen her through and is good all of the time.

Tracy currently lives in Los Angeles, California as a single mother of a child with special needs whose father left when he was 5 months old. Tracy calls it her, “went out for a loaf of bread and never came back” kind of story.