Donald Kelly

Tracy is the Voice Expert. Say what?

Well, Tracy often gets that from people. What does that even mean?

In other words, Tracy is the go-to person when you need help with captivating an audience through the POWER of your VOICE.

Yep! Your voice is very, very powerful. It could either make or break deals. But you gotta know how to use it and maximize it in order for you to not only achieve success in sales, but also, have that ability to change lives and serve your purpose.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Tracy:

How do you find your voice?

Speak your truth.
Many people are afraid to speak their truth for a myriad of reasons.

Learn how to speak your words beautifully.
We create our voice based on psychology and come up with the voice we have. Anybody can learn it. Once you know how to do it, you can captivate any audience.

Most critical tips for improving your voice:

Add variety to keep yourself from flat-lining.
Flat-lining is when everything sounds the same. It creates predictability. How do you make it unpredictable? Add in nuances and variables of speech shift. Add volume shifts and add stress to words. Let the audience know what’s important. Help them know what things are important by stressing the words.

We just don’t breathe well. We tend to have shallow-breath and we don’t have any power because we don’t have any capacity. Other by-products of not breathing are the tension in our face and our body. We take in air but we don’t let it out because we protect ourselves from being vulnerable. Letting it out makes you vulnerable. It makes you real. And that is what makes people connect to you.

Get the words to come out of your mouth.
Just drop your jaw, open your mouth, and let your words come straight out for people to understand them.

Using storytelling to captivate your audience:

Pick stories for your audience.
Stories are about our lives. But it must be done correctly. It must be done through vulnerability. The parts of the story are how people in your audience can connect to parts of that. What are they going to connect to?

Tell it in a real, vulnerable way.
Deliver your story in a way that will reel them in and connect them through your experience.

Tracy’s Major Takeaway:

Products don’t sell, voices do. We have the power within in our voice to do anything we want – good, bad, and different. The voice is so powerful but you have to USE it! You’ve got to let it out. You’ve got to know how to let it out. You can change lives. Step into that power!
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