A Day in the Life: What’s It Really Like to Be a Voice Coach?

“Is there a big demand for voice coaching? Because of the prevalence of video, podcasting, Facebook Live, YouTube and the ways that this pandemic has forced most everyone to do their business on Zoom or Skype, we’re having to use our voices in different ways more than ever before. So yes the demand for voice coaches has increased dramatically. To learn more, study the masters–Lesak, Skinner and Rodenburg–their concepts, methodologies and frameworks. Today it’s easier than ever to access their books and videos, and find out if this field is one you want to learn more about and pursue.”

Tracy Goodwin has taught thousands of celebrities, professionals, and entrepreneurs, how to transform their lives and the lives of their listeners with their voice by stepping into the power of their natural voice so they amplify their authority and captivate the room. Tracy’s unique approach, Psychology of the Voice gets to the core of limiting voice habits and transforms voices from the inside out. People all over the world seek her out for her expertise to free voice barriers and get them to the next level in their business and life. Her game-changing voice training teaches you how to captivate the room, no matter the message, the venue, or the size of the audience.