Voice Power for Women Workshop

It’s time for you to step into your true voice power…and speak with a voice that makes people listen, commands confidence and authority and have the internal freedom to say what you want and need to say with ease.


Voice for Women Live Online Workshop 7/23 at 9:00am PST or 5:00pm PST


Join me for this live online training workshop where I’ll teach exact steps that will give you the freedom to use your voice and captivate the room.


In this live training I’ll teach you:


*The one thing you must change in your voice that we process negatively in our subconscious when we hear your voice


*The secret technique to effortlessly say what you need to say, set boundaries and get credit for your work


*How your psychology of the voice story is keeping you playing small and what you must do with your voice to get to the next level of success


*The one thing you must do to set yourself apart and build connections and speak with confidence…it’s in your voice


*How to let go of getting the words perfect and reveal the best version of you


Space is limited so if you want to join me for this game changing, never before taught psychology of the voice training then make sure you click this link and sign up at your time of choice below: 


The live training is on  7/23

 9am PST

5pm PST