Thank you for being on my team!

Thank you!  I’m so happy and honored to have you on my launch team for my new podcast Psychology of the Voice.

Make sure you join the Facebook group, that is where ALL the action and fun will happen!

You can request access here:

If you have any friends that you think would be willing to join us and be a part of this team, please feel free to have them sign up here:

We are giving away some awesome prizes and one of them is for the person who brings in the most new people to be a part of the team.

Remember, all you have to do to be a part of the team is on launch day, February 21st

  • Download the episodes
  • Subscribe to the show and
  • Leave me a review on iTunes

I’ll be making videos to walk you through this process.

But, for now, just jump on over to the Facebook group and let’s get this started!