Tamsin Toefy

Undoubtedly the best development experience I’ve had in my working life. I just couldn’t have imagined it working so well if you weren’t as brilliant as you are.  I was continually bowled over but how accurately you could hear what was behind the words and how gently you guided me to find a better way to get the kind of impact I want. I feel that during the course I was able to shift mentally how I was approaching speaking (in all its forms), started to see the immense opportunity that changing my speaking could bring to my work was able to start putting into practice what I was discovering/learning. During each session you were such an amazing advocate for where we were all trying to be because I was literally captivated by your voice. We felt your commitment to us as trainees and were guided in the most positive and helpful way. I really appreciated the integrity and authenticity that you bring to the work which made me feel that the challenge in changing (always hard) was worth it and one that I could take.  Thank you!

Tamsin ToefyArup