Captivate Free Online Training September

Captivate the Room with Your Voice Live Online Training Workshops


Join me for this free live training and learn how the Psychology of the Voice is keeping you stuck and effecting your success and the exact steps you must take to captivate the room.


This live training is for you if:

*You want to feel and sound confident when you speak

*You long to have a voice that makes people listen

*You feel stuck and know you should be at the next level

*You want to captivate your audience so they hang on your every word



In this live training I’ll be covering 3 steps from the Psychology of the Voice Effect that when shifted will ensure you captivate the audience every time you use your voice:

One:  How to rewrite your voice story and why you must if you want to get to the next level,

Two:  The voice elements that are making it impossible for people to connect with you and how to change them

Three:  The exact steps you have to take to captivate the room (it’s not what you think it is)


Join me live online for one of these live training sessions and be ready to transform your life simply by shifting a few key things in your voice.


Sign up September 16 5pm PST

Sign up September 18 9am PST