Successful leadership, influence, positive culture and increased revenue hinges on your voice and how you communicate. 

Your voice is a powerful tool, shaping and influencing the landscape of your business. Harnessing its potential IS the game-changer in your journey to commanding the space, inspiring people to take action, building strong teams and increasing revenue.

to a Unique Personal and Professional Development Opportunity


If you are a leader, entrepreneur or sales professionals this is the training you never realized you needed that will change everything and doesn’t exist anywhere else.


Join me for a distinct, one-day small group container VIP training, designed to refine how you use your voice to communicate with 

authority and authenticity, drive influence, foster positive culture and boost sales performance.


The key to unlocking all of those things is in your voice.


Here’s a reflection from Sean, one of our previous attendees in this high touch personal experience:

My experience: It was very enlightening to learn how much baggage I am bringing to my speech and proposals. This was a very comfortable setting to learn and practice being more authentically me.

Emily, TeenyBig

What Awaits You at the Retreat

Our meticulously curated retreat focuses on:

The paradigms have shifted.  Learn how to reframe the old concepts in commanding a presence so you can drive influence as the authority you are.

Shift out individual sounds and speech patterns that are costing you so you deliver all your words with a commanding presence that makes people listen and take action.   

Learn how to get past needing to be liked so you can influence and persuade all audiences.

Learn how to deliver your message in such a way that you feel confident and it lands with the listener.

Learn to clearly articulate your message without all the words and buffering that waters down your message rendering it null and void.  

Learn to drive influence with bottom lined, clear messages.  

People are seeking connection on a level we’ve never seen before.

Authentic connection within seconds must be achieved.

Knowing how to find the words and delivering them so that they are received is a must in 2024.

Communicate with ease in all scenarios, with all people.

Mesmerize every audience from your first word ensuring audience engagement and action. 

Put an end to sounding monotone, repeating the same message over and over, talked over and not heard.  

Move and inspire your teams and listeners to create a culture that aligns with your mission and values.

Why This 1-Day Retreat Stands Apart

You’ve never thought about the power of your voice and communicating your message from Psychology of the Voice perspective.  

This full day hands on training will be packed to the rim with unique content and perspective, individual laser coaching that will change your leadership and sales approach forever!

Limited to a small group of 12 max attendees, our retreat emphasizes individualized attention in a comfortable and productive setting, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth.

My super power is to quickly identify what is in your voice that is blocking connections, stalling your team from flourishing, influencing prospects, and limiting your revenue!  

For some of you it might be sales aren’t where you need them to be and you’ve tried all the things (strategies will be revealed).  

For others, it might mean commanding the space and having your listener hang on your every word AND take the action you need and want them to take.

"Hands down, this was the best professional and personal development event I've ever attended and I haven't stopped talking about it all week!" - Sean, The Anti

Your Leadership and Sales Evolution Starts Here

In one day you’ll gain unparalleled insights into the power and potential of your voice as a leadership instrument.

In one day you’ll learn the exact sounds blocking 30-90% revenue and influence!

If you are a forward-thinking leader committed to amplifying your influence and refining your communication prowess, this retreat is designed for you. 

If you are a sales professional and you want to book more business with greater ease simply you don’t want to miss this one day unique training.

Experience the blend of personal and professional growth, nuanced influence and persuasion and embark on a journey of transformation.  

Chicago, Illinois – TBA

New York City – March 7th, 2024

Miami, Florida –  TBA

*Breakfast & Lunch Provided At All Locations*

Maximize Your Influence. Accelerate Your Success

Welcome to a transformative journey guided by Tracy Goodwin, a renowned voice transformation coach, voice psychologist and research with a unique touch. Known for her trailblazing Psychology of the Voice® method, Tracy’s expertise has reshaped the voices of leaders worldwide, amplifying their personal and professional impact. Now, she invites you to join her at our bespoke retreat, carefully crafted for visionaries ready to embrace their authentic vocal power. Harness your voice, lead with confidence, and boost your business success with Tracy at the helm. A game-changing experience awaits.