The Right Kind of Practice

Welcome to the show!

I’ve got a great episode for you today, one where I will be going against the grain of what others tell you to do and what you might think you have to do to get the voice impact you want.

Today I’m talking about practice and how you probably need to reframe how much practice you need.

One of the forms of resistance I see in people is this belief that they have to practice a lot or that practicing a lot is going to fix their issues.

It’s not…it’s resistance.

Yes, you need to practice but there is no point in practice if you aren’t practicing the right thing. Worse, is if you over practice because over practicing brings in an entirely different level of problems and you may not realize it.

In this episode, I talk about finding your version of practice and what that actually looks like,

I discuss the pitfalls of over practice and why the belief of just needing to practice is costing you.

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I hope to work with you and get you ready to have a voice that makes people listen in 2021!