Want to have more influence?

Do you want to make a bigger impact?

Get more of what you want faster?

I need to let you in on something, there are sounds in your voice that you are not aware of that are sabotaging that impact and influence you long for.

Chances are good you might not be revealing the BEST version of you, even though you think you are and even worse, you may have sounds that are sabotaging your influence and costing you what you want.

Chances are also possible you are missing critical techniques that you can use to create more impact and influence with your voice.

In this live training on either March 18th at 11:00 am PST I’ll teach you:

**The exact voice technique that you need to impact with your voice.

**The very sounds that are keeping you from making an impact and influencing others in the way you want.

**Critical elements you must utilize from a voice perspective in order to influence and get more of what you want.

**The very sounds that are sabotaging your success.

**Why you have to change your voice driver and the bad habit it left behind.

If you’d like to join March 18th at 11:00am PST sign up here: