Group Coaching program

Several times a year I offer my transformation small group coaching program Captivate the Room with Your Voice.

In this small group coaching program, you will learn all three pillars of Psychology of the Voice in a digital and live coaching format.  In this program, I coach to the individual within the group.

All of your core issues are addressed as we work on building your voice confidence, remove any and all barriers that keep you from establishing instant connections.  You also will learn the five elements to captivating the room as you learn how to control the conversation and get the outcome you want!

In our short time together, you will learn extensive techniques through the video series, weekly live coaching calls, homework assignments with feedback and additional coaching.  Over the course of the program, everyone has an opportunity to work with me on their own unique Psychology of the Voice story and the voice habits they hope to rewrite.

This coaching program is 8 weeks long and has yielded incredible results for individuals across the globe.

To get on the waiting list for the next 8-week group coaching program or to find out more information email

**I’ll be running one more round of this program in 2020 so make sure you get on the list.