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The next level of success you are looking for is not in your words, it’s in your voice. 

This isn’t typical voice lessons, this is transformation from the inside out.

Here at Captivate the Room I’ll rewrite your psychology of the voice story, the internal driver that put the bad voice habits in that are keeping you from the next level of success.

We’ll also take on those bad voice habits and replace them with good voice habits.

You can’t just do some warm ups or typical voice exercises if you want your results to stick, if you want to be set free to captivate the room every time you open your mouth.

The result, transformation as you start to reveal the very best version of you without masks or barriers so you finally get to the next level.

If you want to experience life, relationships and success like you’ve never imagined, then you need to look at your voice.

Your Voice is the most important part of every conversation, presentation, webinar, interview, conference call, networking…everything.


We determine EVERYTHING about you from your voice.  What are we determining about you?  


And here’s the thing…it’s not the things you are aware of that I’m worried about, that are keeping you from the next level, it’s what you don’t hear but I do…

Voice barriers keeping us out,

Foreshadowing, telling us exactly what you don’t want so we give it to you,

Hesitation that says you are holding back on us…

It’s all from your voice story.


I’ve been coaching voices for over 28 years.  My method is unique, I call it the Psychology of the Voice Effect. 

It will take you back to one before the world got in the way and shut down your voice.  It will also turn your voice into one that draws us in not because of what you say but how you say it.


I’ll change your voice but in the process, we’ll transform your life.  You in?  Email me:




  8 Week Program-Transformation 

8 solo sessions customized to your needs followed up with custom homework.

Audio/Video Recording of each session

Check in’s in between sessions with audio/video assessment and instruction

When you work with me privately, you commit yourself to 8 1-1 sessions.

In 8 weeks we’ll rewrite your drivers and your bad voice habits that are in your muscle memory.




Voices of Success

If you are looking to work in a small group program, I’ve got one of those as well.

An incredible group program that is 8 weeks long and limited to 6 participants.

Each week we meet live via Zoom for training’s sessions that are directed to your individual needs.

Audio/Video Recording of the sessions.

Homework that can be delivered in a Facebook group for additional feedback and coaching.


Digital Course

Captivate the Room is my digital course that will teach you the Psychology of the Voice Effect from start to finish.


If you’d like to discuss working together on your voice, email to set up a time.