I’m ready to become a
CEO + Celebrity!

A high-touch transformation for change-making entrepreneurs like you ready to fully own the star that you are.

In only 8 weeks, you’ll rise up to your celebrity status.

Facilitated by Tracy Goodwin and Steve Bridgewater

The best-kept secret in Hollywood with 65 years of collective experience and dozens of regular people turned celebrities under their belt.

You’ve yearned for a star on Hollywood Boulevard.
It’s time you earned your own.

Fame has been calling your name for as long as you can remember. But it’s about more than people knowing your name.


It’s about people knowing your message. Hearing your name or seeing your face and instantly understanding how your thought-leadership is changing the world.


You deserve to reach celebrity status as a CEO with your name on a star that’s all your own.


Because you are a completely unique and totally irreplaceable genius.


You know in your bones, your cells, your very soul that this is the sort of attention you don’t just deserve, but have earned.




You don’t have it.


Something’s missing. A celebrity secret, a hidden identity…


A presence that commands and captivates any room.


The sort of embodiment we’ve brought to countless celebrities and CEOs alike.


Ever heard of the most memorable Joker of all time (Heath Ledger)? He knew the secret to how to be a celebrity.


Or how about online powerhouse, Digital CEO, and Founder of Business By Design James Wedmore?


He IS this embodiment in CEO form. He’s felt it. He’s lived it.


Now it’s your turn.

What if you could identify the challenges in your soul, the silent killers, that nobody even knows exist? 

And what if you could transform your identity so that you stop holding back the star that you are?

There are microscopic nuances to playing bigger. Sure, you’re comfortable on camera. Yes, you LEAD your business.

But you know you’re not playing all the shades of the fullest expression of you. There’s more depth within you, and you aren’t accessing it.

It’s time you discovered the nuance and relished in the attention you deserve.

Your voice and your body are inherently intertwined.

There’s only so much work you can do on each individually. And the truth is… working on only one will not be enough to get you where you desire and deserve.

You deserve for your body and your voice to move together like a finely crafted and choreographed ballet so when you make a gesture it speaks volumes and it’s driven and supported by your voice.

Give yourself the gift of the deepest level of Captivate The Room and express yourself in a way you never thought possible. In this 8 week transformational experience, you will be guided by legends Tracy Goodwin and Steve Bridgewater as you:

-> Discover the secret sauce that will make you stand out like crazy and have loyal followers flocking to you like Billie Eilish every time she steps out of the house

-> Define, uncover, and unleash the true essence of your soul through unmasking the layers of your voice AND your body

-> Rise up to your star position and draw people in to elevate your brand to true celebrity status a lá Adam Rodriguez (Magic Mike, City of Angels, CSI Miami)

-> Access the full extent of your self-expression in a way you never thought possible to leave people craving more of you

-> Captivate any room you walk into with a single word, a twinkle in your eyes, or even just a breath

You deserve to command every space you step foot into, no matter what, with the presence of a true celebrity.

"Tracy is my secret weapon. She helped me harness a powerful tool, my voice, and use it in ways I’d never thought about. The coaching I did with Tracy was so powerful and has had such a life-changing and long-lasting effect. As soon as I started to work with her, I started to get a different type of feedback from my audience, listeners, clients, even my wife. People wanted to know what the difference was because they could feel it and hear it. Isn’t that what we all want, to show up in such a way that we make that kind of impact?”
James Wedmore
Multiple 7-figure Business Owner, Founder of Business by Design, Host of The Mind Your Business Podcast

What Tracy is to voice,
Steve is to presence.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tracy and Steve haven’t taught a class together in OVER A DECADE.

In fact, Steve came out of retirement JUST for this program. And when it’s over… it may never happen again.

This could be your one and only shot to claim your true celebrityhood.


Meet the mentors BTS of
Hollywood greats…

Presence + Connection Coach
Steve Bridgewater

Robin Williams

Brad Pitt – in 12 Monkeys

Heath Ledger – as The Joker in The Dark Knight, 2008

Orlando Bloom

Matt Damon

Jeff Bridges

Benicio Del Toro – 21 Grams

Robert Patrick – as The Terminator + in The Sopranos

Bruce Willis

Besides being some of the best actors of all time, these are a few of the industry leaders Steve Bridgewater had the pleasure of coaching throughout his career. He’s also served as a casting consultant to various A-List directors, and network executives.

Steve’s project credits include 12 Monkeys, The Fisher King, Mississippi Burning, Roseanne, and Forest Gump. Plus, he’s a director and a producer.

Steve is a master at creating connections through the camera and teaching his students how to be PRESENT and own their presence on film.

When he’s not behind the scenes in Hollywood coaching some of the crème de la crème, Steve enjoys time with his wife in their home in California. Besides his wife and his children, horses are Steve’s other great love in life. Specifically, he’s worked with rescue horses for years and often spends his days helping his daughter with her horses on her rescue farm in Tennessee

Voice Expert Tracy Goodwin

The Psychology of the Voice® has become the secret weapon of some of the biggest names in celebrity and business.

Names like:

Michael Arden featured in Big River, Bare, Spring Awakening,
The Closer, Bones, Source Code, Bride Wars

Adam Rodriguez featured in Magic Mike,
City of Angels, CSI Miami

Jackson Rathbone featured in Twilight,
The Last Ship, The Last Airbender

Ryan Dorsey featured in Pitch, Yellowstone, Stumptown,
Justified, Ray Donovan

Sybilla Dean featured in Tut, Tyrant,
The Last Ship, The I-land

Shelley Hennig featured in Teen Wolf,
False Profits, Days of Our Lives

Jadyn Wong featured in Scorpion,
Needle in a Timestack

Elisabeth Tabish featured in The Chosen

Why have all these celebrities chosen to work with Tracy? Because she knows that your voice is the sound of your heart manifested.

And because people don’t buy because of what you say.

They buy because of how you say it.

Your life story lives within your voice. Every experience you’ve had, from the time you were born up until right now, can be found and identified from your voice.

Don’t feel daunted by that fact – allow it to excite you.

And Tracy can hear your ideal voice the second you speak to her. She knows what your soul is meant to sound like, how your heart yearns to sing, the same way an expert chocolatier knows what flavors a perfectly roasted cocoa bean is calling forth.

Speaking of chocolate, Tracy likes to enjoy a piece or two each week as a treat, especially when she and her son celebrate his accomplishments as a cartoonist in training. And no matter how busy life gets with work or family, she always takes a drive to the beach each Sunday to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and beautiful ocean views on the Southwestern coast of Florida.

A Note From Steve About Tracy

Dear CEO,

I want to encourage you to take advantage of the upcoming time you can spend with Tracy Goodwin. I have seen Tracy be a key ingredient to actor presence, uniqueness and seen her perform miracles with talent I don’t have the patience for.

I consider her to be the very best in vocal instruction. Vocals are one of the 3 key ingredients to having a real shot at success in film and television.

She has a unique skill in helping one with good vocals.

I have over 30 years of good fortune and the experience of working with some of the biggest names in film and television.

Over those 30 years, I have come to notice the recurring themes that A-List actors have in common.

The easiest way to strategic advantage in your on-camera craft is to develop your voice. The voice is something my clients continuously treat as an essential tool and never stop improving or perfecting, as one would a musical instrument.

Tracy will connect you to your “singing” voice. Tracy: calls it finding your “real” voice. Proper vocals show up on camera and the states of relaxation are created as a by-product will help you play with your choices.

All my clients work on their voice. Tracy is my number one choice for showing you how to improve the voice.


Stephen W. Bridgewater

Director, Producer, and Casting Consultant to A-List directors and network executives

Personal acting coach to many of the biggest names in film and television

There is an inimitable essence to celebrities.

A quality and ease with which they move about life. It’s not something you can replicate… but it is something you can learn.

Tracy and Steve know this through experience.

They met in the world of celebrity.

Both were working with high-caliber actors and Hollywood stars. Both have the names of change-makers in their back pocket.

But they both knew they were meant for more than the Hollywood scene. They were meant to help thought-leaders and world-shifters like you come out of hiding and stand so fully in your power that not a single soul on earth could look away.

That’s where you come in. See, to finish this once-in-a-lifetime mission…

A Note From Steve + Tracy

We believe in you. Because we know you deserve to enjoy every moment you get on camera.

You deserve to savor being the celebrity in your business and being present so that you’re never questioning anything that someone else is thinking about you. 

As you hold the physical space that commands a presence, your every move suddenly supports what you’re doing vocally.

And each gesture speaks volumes and matches your voice flawlessly. 

We’re excited to work with you and see a star born.

I’m ready to enjoy every moment on camera in my business.

CEO Celebrity Status

A high-touch transformation for change-making entrepreneurs like you ready to fully own the star that you are.

You’ll be treated to:

-> 8 transformational weeks where you will learn directly from and be coached by both Tracy and Steve

-> A potent level of voice-body integration that you will never find anywhere else

-> Weekly video feedback on take home assignments

-> A BTS look at the process and mind of both Tracy + Steve

When: Exact day/time to be determined, class starts week of July 10th 

Investment: 1 payment of $2495.00 or 6 payments of $425.00 

PLUS  2 Additional voice coaching sessions with Tracy for a total of 10 coaching sessions PLUS One Solo Coaching session with Tracy

A Note from Tracy About Steve

To all the entrepreneurs and small business owners:

By now you probably realize it’s critical to connect with your audience in order to increase your following, retention, and revenue. But I can’t stress enough how critical it is to also learn the nuanced work taught by Steve Bridgewater. 

At first glance, you might think that Steve’s work is in the realm of performance and acting– but you’d be wrong. Steve’s work is flawless for actors but the people who can benefit even more, in my opinion, are entrepreneurs. 


Because he’s a master at his craft. 

Steve has the ability to bring the best out of anyone on camera. His mastery in creating a physicality is brilliant and his understanding of truly teaching how to use one’s face and eyes to maximize presence and draw the listener in is something I’ve never seen anyone teach to Steve’s caliber. 

He is genius and teaches you how to “be” the real you on camera, to be likable, to use your eyes and body and voice in such a way that we can’t take our eyes off of you, we don’t dare disconnect.

I can’t even begin to rave about the work we do together and how instrumental he has been in creating true confidence, authentic presentation, and the best delivery of self. Plus, he really cares about the success of his students and that shows.  Run, don’t walk if you get a chance to work with Steve.

Tracy Goodwin

Founder + Creator of Psychology of the Voice®

Award-winning Actor and Director

Voice Coach to hundreds of 7-figure entrepreneurs, executives, and business professionals

The Pillars of a CEO Celebrity Status…

I: Create a Connection: The Power of Eye Contact

Your eyes are the way you create an instantaneous and alluring connection with your ideal client.

So you can probably agree that when you lose eye contact and disconnect from your audience, it breaks trust, which ultimately impacts your ability to build long-term business relationships and increase your income.

Think about your favorite thought-leaders and change-making celebrities: Do they look away from the camera when speaking to it?


Learn how to draw people in through something as small as the twinkle in your eye.

II: Make The Camera Your Best Friend

When you’re ready to create your celebrity space in this world, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll need to show up and get visible online to grow.

And that means learning how to befriend and utilize the camera, so it doesn’t just stop working against you… but it actually works FOR you.

You deserve to be powerfully relatable and to have legendary likeability through the lens.

III: Relatable + Rich

When you’re likable, your success is inevitable as a leader and as the star of your business.

You deserve to know how to make sure your audience feels close to you and experiences you as relatable.

Because when they experience that level of connection to you, they’ll go to bat for you and show up for your business just like you go to the box office time and time again to see your favorite actor or the latest release in that epic superhero movie series.

Learn how to stop playing small and start showing up as who you TRULY are to develop a loyal fanbase in your business and gain clients for life.

You deserve to capture the imagination of your audience, but you can only do that when they trust you to SHOW UP for them and powerfully solve their problems with your solutions.

This all begins and ends with connection and relatability.

Oh yeah, and riches. . .or at least some really pretty profit margins! 😉

IV: Movement That Magnetizes

You’re working too hard to find your audience.

Stop sifting through thousands of cold leads blindly, hoping one of them will answer you.

Instead, learn how to bring your audience to you!

Cultivate a corner of the internet that’s all your own to bring your audience to you through a space of power and authority.

“I wanted to send a message of gratitude for all of the wonderful things you taught me this year. Thank you for all of your help! Our work most definitely gave me tools that were extremely useful and there is plenty more to do in the show and with us together.”
Adam Rodriguez
CSI Miami, Magic Mike, City of Angeles


You haven’t worked with me on this level in regards to movement and presence, nor have you experienced the integration of movement and voice on this level. You’ve had repeat students and they have breakthroughs every time. The same will happen for you.

You may feel confident, but you’re no celebrity. There is a quality and ease about celebrities. They’re high maintenance. Even the best-level entrepreneurs are not the same as the presence of a celebrity. Command the space no matter what, even playing with kids in a sandbox (When you join the program, remind me to tell you a story exactly about this involving Uma Thurman from Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction).

This will get people WATCHING you in that comfort. You might be comfy being visible all day long, but where’s your audience? If they’re not watching you… you’re no celebrity (YET).

“Despite having been on television more than 1,500 times over the past ten years, the techniques you taught me and notes that you sent through have completely changed my perspective and confidence in communication. I wish I had met you much earlier in my career, but as they say, it’s never too late to learn. You have been one of the most professional and talented subject matter experts that I have worked and I would encourage anybody who is serious about improving their communication skills to engage you. Regardless of how much they think they know. Thanks again.”
Peter Esho
Sydney, Australia Co-Founder in Wealthi, one of Australia’s leading property investment companies

Fate brought Tracy + Steve together for one last captivating collaboration. Don’t miss out on it.

You deserve to create unstoppable fame and recognition so that you can get your genius and message out into the world. You deserve to become a CEO with unparalleled Celebrity Status.