Captivate the Room Advanced Group Coaching

Impact, Influence, Create Connection and Captivate the Room 

Captivate the Room Advanced Level Course is a continuation program for professionals who have started to master the foundation elements needed to make a bigger impact with their voice but they want to continue to expand and solidify their skill set.


The ultimate goal is to reveal the best version of you no matter the audience, the dialogue or the life scenario so you reach amplified success and significance and make the impact you long to make.  


This exclusive online coaching program will further expand your current voice technique repertoire and solidify your ability to execute the strategies with ease in your own way.  


This group has been custom designed for:

Former group and solo students of Captivate the Room,

Individuals who have begun to build a solid foundation in the core principles of Psychology of the Voice Effect



  • Next level in foundation voice elements
  • Continued mastery in vocal variety
  • Expanded training in controlling the conversation
  • Mastery in captivating the room and emotional connection
  • Solidifying the voice elements and making them your own

The group will be centered around next level mastery of all the Psychology of the Voice techniques but will primarily focus on getting solid and set with the techniques and learning how to use them at a mastery level to control the conversation, influence and make people feel.

Each group member will be coached according to their specific needs and will get hands on coaching every group meeting.



*6 Core Small Group Coaching Sessions with hands on coaching for each participant each week (flexibility around scheduling) *official start first of January

*Group sessions delivered every other week to allow for implementation in between group sessions

**Online support space for additional questions and video/audio feedback and further assessment and training

*Additional bonus training in specific areas such as interviewing, video, podcasting

*Group meeting scheduled at a convenient time for all participants



*December coaching call to establish goals and give exercises for the month of December prior to official start


What You Can Expect:

Continued Transformation in all areas of your life because of the shifts in your voice,

Increased effortless ability to execute the use of all the voice techniques 

Next level voice work

Continued discovery of the best version of your voice

Individualized program designed and executed for your specific goals



One payment:  $995.00

One Payment I’m In

Three payments:  $382.00

Three Payments Please But I’m In!

***Reach out for other payment options

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