Captivate Digital T&C

Terms and Conditions Captivate the Room Digital Course with 3 Video Reviews/Feedback


Lifetime access to the digital course Captivate the Room with Your Voice

Opportunity to submit 3 specific videos outlined in the welcome letter.  Each of these three videos will receive video comments/feedback from Tracy.  This video feedback is focused on sounds and how they are being processed in the subconscious of the listener and costing you success.

No additional assignments will be reviewed and only the specific topic videos will receive viewing, video feedback and specific strategies for you to implement based on the sounds unique to your voice.

All video review must take place within 8 weeks of course purchase unless otherwise agreed upon with Tracy. 

Videos must be submitted in a viewable format via google drive, Vimeo or Drobox link and submitted to

Once you have completed this program with feedback, if you so choose to join one of Tracy’s coaching programs you will receive a significant partial credit for the group program from the purchase of this digital course.


Please direct any and all technical issues to

I do offer a 15-day money back guarantee.  If you have completed all of the video assignments and viewed the video modules please send a summary of what you learned in each Pillar of the program along with any undone videos for review.  Upon reviewing this material if it appears you have done all of the work and just not gotten a result I will offer you a full refund.