Actor Workshop Live in NYC

Get Your Voice to Next Level, and Get Cast More!


When: October 20th, 10A.M.-3P.M.


Where: Chelsea (Location send at registration )




Limited spots available in the group for maximum support and individual hands on coaching.  Learn the subtle shifts that will get you to the next level of success.

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This workshop is for you if:

*You’ve done everything right but you still struggle to get cast


*You want to learn how to use all the vocal shades of emotions in the voice to take your work to a deeper and more interesting level


*You want to sound more confident and captivating as you compel the decision makers


*You long to get to the next level in your acting career

*You want to move into the next level of vulnerability in your craft



*Join me in NYC for this one day workshop and change your career success!



What you’ll learn during workshop:


*What subtle and slight barriers are being heard in your voice that are blocking your next level success, 

*The tones in your voice that are being processed negatively by the casting director, this is what no one has EVER taught you


*Exactly how to bring out next level of vulnerability in your voice

*Next level depth on shades of emotions that you are playing and how to reveal them in your most powerful actor instrument, your voice

*How to get grounded and get your voice flowing out


*What you must do to vocally sound confident and captivating from your first word


*Exact steps to shift in your voice to get to the next level of success 

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Hear what people have to say about working with Tracy:


“One of the most intuitive vocal and acting coaches, Tracy has taught me how to expand

both my vocal and acting ranges and get rid of limits that so often inhibit an actor. With

her expansive knowledge and experience with voice, she not only taught me the

techniques, but further helped build my confidence in attaching any script and project

with vigor and success.”

Egle Petrailyte

NYC Actress

“I enrolled in Tracy’s class unsure of what I hoped to learn but knowing I wasn’t coming to

life in auditions and feeling too-often out of sync with my authentic self. Tracy noticed

breathing and tension problems that no one had ever called me on before; I can tell that

working these things through will mean everything in terms of being able to bring myself

to life for the camera.  As I work on Tracy’s exercises, I uncover parts of my sub-conscious

that have been holding me back, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work on myself

at such a deep level.”

Akasha Villalobos, Actress


“I had such a fantastic time in Tracy’s class and got a lot out of it. The biggest – yet

simplest – issue for me begun to be resolved in only the first class, and I finally started

finding my resonance, which was my #1 goal going into the class. Thank you so much!”

Wes Evans, Actor/Filmmaker


Originally from Russia, I have been living in the USA for about 11 years now, but still have

my Russian accent.  Tracy’s style of coaching is a combination of different techniques focused on a

client’s specific needs.  She tackles the most obvious problems in one’s speech or accent

pattern first, helping to build the correct way into the client’s vocal muscle memory.  I

highly recommend Tracy for anyone who wants to improve their voice, accent or

presentation skills.

Luba Shul, actress


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