About Tracy

I’m Tracy Goodwin and I’ve been coaching the voices of celebrities, entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe for over 28 years.  I’m glad your here.

I can probably guess why you’re here.  But, what you might not know is how deeply I feel your pain.  I was raised in a family where I wasn’t allowed to speak, the irony that I became a voice coach right?  I believe it is actually my own personal upbringing that gave me the insight for the unique method I developed and have taught for over 20 years.  The Psychology of the Voice. 

I know from my own journey just how painful it is to not be able to even say the words you want much less bring them to  life and command the respect you deserve, to not be able to light up a room or get what you want in life because no one is listening anyway.

I started winning speaking awards when I was 12 years old.  It was the one platform to use my voice and I thrived in that space.  I went on to be an award-winning actor and director.  But, it was when I was severely beaten in a play in college that my journey started to take shape.  You see, from that beating my voice was completely altered, not because of the physical violence but because when I asked the director to make the boy stop beating me she told me, “You have chosen a profession in which you must suffer for your art and if you can’t, I’ll replace you.”  Enough said, I stayed in the play but transferred colleges next term.  As soon as I got to my new school the head of acting told me that my voice was horrible and she put me in intensive voice training with one of the most legendary voice experts in the world.  It was from that moment that I started getting the voice training that is the foundation of what I teach today.  Add in my own methodology based on my own voice story and the voice stories of my hundreds of clients and the psychology of the voice method was born.

Over the last 28 years, I’ve had the honor of transforming the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people.  Because that’s what happens when I go to work on your voice, your voice and your life get transformed.  The program I teach is unique and different, it’s going to get you results and results that last.  This isn’t about voice warm ups, this is about transformation.  The Psychology of the Voice transforms your voice and your life, anything else is just a band aid.

My voice work is all about taking you back to where you started before life got in the way, back to your real voice.  From the first time you were told to shut up, your subconscious mind started protecting your heart and deciding how your voice would sound. 

The voice is the orchestra of the heart. 

Little by little the dings of life triggered your subconscious mind to pull your voice back, lock it up, get rid of the bold voice choices that are interesting and show us who you really are.  The voice choices you had when you were a child.  See, I just take you back to one.

When you work with me we write a new voice story.  We get rid of the bad voice habits that you’ve laid in and worked with for years.  In truth, that’s the only way you’ll get rid of the bad habits, no matter how smart you are you can’t think your way through this. 

We lay in the good habits so your sound starts flowing out, you are able to use all five elements of vocal variety, you no longer have patterns or go to’s that are keeping you from getting what you want.  We get rid of the voice barriers that people are hearing, the sounds that repel us because we think you are trying to prove something or asking for our permission.  We change your voice step by step but we transform your life in the process.

I changed my voice story, I would be honored to help you change yours.  

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