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How to Sound Professional, Not Too Casual, Not Like a Jerk Episode #132

How to Sound Professional, Not Too Casual, Not Like a Jerk Episode #132

How to Sound Professional but Not Like a Jerk Episode #132

Today’s episode is based on a question from a listener but with a little bit of an addition.  The listener asked me how do they sound professional without sounding like the B word. 

I’m addressing that but I”m also talking about the opposite that I hear from a lot and that is, if I speak with a conversational voice I won’t sound professional.

So, again we have to find the balance and ultimately take down the masks and reveal the real, best version of who you are.

If you struggle to own your power but still be kind and professional and the expert then today’s episode is for you!

Episode #131 Are Vocal Masks Keeping You From the Next Level?

Episode #131 Are Vocal Masks Keeping You From the Next Level?

Episode #131 Are Vocal Masks Keeping You From the Next Level?

Welcome to the show!  Today I’m talking all about vocal masks and barriers.

Do you have vocal masks?  Well, you probably do you just may not know it.  Many, many people have them, they are put in place by the sub-conscious mind to protect you.  But, what ends up happening is they become an obstacle keeping you from getting to the next level.

The emotion behind a vocal mask becomes a vocal barrier and that really keeps people out, repels them, pushes them away.

If you think you might have a vocal mask or want to find out if you do, then you don’t want to miss today’s episode!

Episode #109 Speak Your Truth Beautifully, What Does That Even Mean?

Episode #109 Speak Your Truth Beautifully, What Does That Even Mean?

Episode #109 Speak Your Truth Beautifully, What Does That Even Mean?

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m talking about the tagline you have heard me speak many times, speak your truth, just do it beautifully.

The other day someone asked me what that even means?

I figured I best explain!

Speaking your truth beautifully is about saying what you need to say, using your voice but using it from a place of confidence, kindness, boundary setting, love and in the best interest of you and the person you are speaking to.

I think you’ll like this episode!

Want to step into a more confident sounding voice and get more of what you want?  Let’s talk.

Episode #92 The Power of Voice and Effective Communication

Episode #92 The Power of Effective Communication

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m starting a series on effective communication.  I always like to bring out the communication skills before the holidays and this year is no different.  But, this year I’m adding a podcast series.   In this effective communication round of episodes, I’m going to cover some of the greatest challenges we face to be effective communicators in both our personal and professional lives.

In today’s episode, I’ll do an overview of the series and talk about what it takes to be an effective communicator as well as what most often gets in your way.

In this series, we’ll be talking about things like:




Silent Treatment


Giving and Receiving Feedback and more!

I hope you’ll join me for this series, we all need a little help when it comes to communication, it’s truly one of the most challenging yet important things we do, all day long!

I’m also running a 5-day Reclaim Your Real Voice and Communicate More Effectively challenge, I’d love for you to join me and you can sign up right here:



Episode #90 Speaking Domination w/ Simone Vincenzi

Episode #90 Speaking Domination w/ Simone Vincenzi

Welcome to the show!

You are in for such a treat today.

With me on the show is Simone Vincenzi who teaches coaches how to dominate in their industry through live speaking engagements.  Simone is clearly an expert and he shares so much of that knowledge with us today.  Simone and I had a wonderful conversation not just about speaking opportunity but core values and the truth that people are seeking.

On today’s show you’ll learn:

The dirt on the coaching industry,

Why it’s essential to speak live in your business,

What the market is looking for in coaches and why so many are missing it,

What it takes to succeed in live speaking,

Market trends for coaches and how live speaking fits into that model, and more!

The benefits of podcasting,

What it takes to be captivating on stage and more!

Want to make a bigger impact with your voice on your podcast?  Make sure you join my 5-Day Podcast Challenge, starts 9/17.  You can sign up here:


Guest Bio

Simone Vincenzi, known as The Italian Stallion of the speaking industry is the co-founder of GTeX Community.

Simone is the Lead Facilitator of Explode Your Coaching Business and has been featured on TEDx, recognized as one of the most influential Migrant Entrepreneurs in the UK and awarded Speaker of the Year 2016 by the CPTC.

Fed up with the dirt of the personal development industry that no one talks about, he believes in changing the industry through the creation of a supportive and genuine community of coaches and speakers, helping them create seminars that convert while delivering incredible value to the audience.

Successful from a young age (he was one of the youngest Micheline Star restaurant managers in Europe), he transitioned from working in the catering industry to building a 6 figure coaching practice, and shares tools with his clients to allow them to grow from $0-$100,000.

Over the last 12 months, he has spoken in front of 5000 individuals, which included sharing the stage with Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Trent Shelton, Jamie Smart and much more.

He has also organized over 170 events, including Gary Vee speaking from York Hall boxing ring, and he is currently speaking on more than 200 stages every year including a very controversial TEDx talk entitled, Sleeping With Your Clients.

He now works with speakers, leaders and business owners helping them create effective presentations, events, and seminars that will add 5 to 6 figures to their bottom line, without compromising their integrity and developing a unique bond with their client’s.

Simone cannot live without 3 things:  Speaking, basketball and playing his didgeridoo.

You can find out more about Simone and his work at