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Episode #111 The Voice of Success w/ Simon Kozlowski

Episode #111 The Voice of Success w/ Simon Kozlowski

Episode #111 The Voice of Success w/ Simon Kozlowski

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a treat on today’s show because I’ve got my friend and co-creator Simon Kozlowski with me, all the way from South Africa!

Simon and I met on Linked In and I was immediately drawn to his work, his mission, his message and what he stands for when it comes to helping people achieve their best version of themselves.

We immediately discovered that our beliefs and work lined up quite succinctly and began discussing all things voice and success.

On today’s episode Simon and I talk about:

Why the voice is so important to success,

Voice stories and how they affect our lives,

What authenticity really is,

Why we avoid letting people see who we really are,

Our new online program and so much more!  


If you’d like to find out more about the online program with me and Simon, just click here but make sure you don’t delay, we only have 7 spots available.  Voices of Success


Guest Bio

As The Reinvention Coach, Simon helps ambitious mavericks and outliers become who they need to be in order to reach where they want to be.

He is a dynamic coach who has equipped and empowered hundreds of leaders and managers to achieve outstanding results in both their professional and personal lives.

Simon unapologetically asserts that communication is the single greatest differentiator in business, and his track record as a pitching and presentations coach backs him up.  His work with executives in the areas of pitching and presenting has enabled them to significantly grow revenue; transform organizational culture; and convert resisters into raving fans.  Beyond that, his sales coaching has enabled clients to achieve an average sales increase of 30% within 3 months. 

Simon lives on the sunny east coast of South Africa with his beautiful wife, Niki, and their three children.  Simon and Niki dream of owning their own wine farm someday, but until then they are content to savor the offerings of little-known estates from around the world. 

Episode #98 Voice and Selling Power w/ Aandra Bohlen

Episode #98 Voice and Selling Power w/ Aandra Bohlen

Episode #98 Voice and Selling Power w/ Aandra Bohlen

Welcome to the show!

Wow, are you in for a treat in this episode!  On the show today I’ve got one of the most knowledgeable and talented people I know when it comes to selling, something we all do!  Aandra Bohlen is here with me today and you are going to love what she has to say!

Today Aandra and I are discussing:

Why selling really isn’t icky,

What trips people up when it comes to selling,

How to sell so that you can truly service,

The power of the voice/sales marriage

How to get your serving/selling on now and so much more!

Don’t wait another minute to get your voice ready!  It’s time to speak your truth beautifully.  To find out more about what’s cooking in the voice oven head on over to


Guest Bio

Aandra Bohlen is a multi-six -figure business consultant and sales expert with a track record that includes 26 years of award-winning sales experience. She is well-known in the online marketing community as a Sales Coach and Human Potential Activist. Aandra helps entrepreneurs at any level create meaningful connections in their businesses by having powerful (sales) conversations that convert to cash.

Her mission is to demystify the stigma around selling. She encourages her clients through her coaching and sales training to realize the sacred opportunity that selling can create in facilitating true transformation through solution-based selling. She believes that to sell is the pathway to solving and serving.

If you are ready to serve as you sell, you can find Aandra at


Episode #73 The Sounds We Hear Are Hurting Your Success

Episode #73 The Sounds We Hear Are Hurting Your Success

Episode #73 The Sounds We Hear Are Hurting Your Success

That’s right, that’s what I said.  Welcome to the show!

I’m glad you are here because I want to share with you the difference between what you think you are putting out and how it’s being received.

In your head, you may sound great or maybe you know you aren’t sounding as great as you could.  But, did you know that different sounds can actually give entirely different meanings?  

In today’s episode, I’m going to give you some information that will really inspire you to take action on these things you are learning here with me.  Because, the very sound that you are delivering, the sound that is laid into your psychology of the voice, is hurting your business because it’s saying things to the customer that are not true or might not be true.

Example:  if you are quiet, you have no passion.  Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve known plenty of passionate people that are quiet, but the customer could easily think you aren’t passionate enough about your work to take on their job.

The voice is the tool, like we talked about last week, that will make us feel something.  I usually talk about the good it makes us feel but this is not so good.

I think you will really love this episode.

Also, don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up for the podcast voice challenge it starts next week.  You can sign up right here:

Look forward to seeing you in the challenge!  And hey, even if you aren’t planning on having a podcast, the voice technique I’m teaching is pretty cool and will work anywhere.


Episode #70 The Voice of a Manager w/ Rodrigo Caetano

Episode #70 The Voice of a Manager w/ Rodrigo Caetano

Episode #70 The Voice of a Manager w/ Rodrigo Caetano

Welcome to the show!

I’m so excited about today’s guest.  I know, I say that a lot but today’s guest is super special!  Today, I’m getting to chat with one of my favorite people on earth planning and strategy expert and former client Rodrigo Caetano.

I loved every minute of the voice journey that I took with Rodrigo and I know you are going to love hearing about it!  If you are in management or business you don’t want to miss these great tips in this episode.  Or, if you are thinking about the power of your voice and what it might be like to go on a voice journey and step into that power, then this episode is for you!

In today’s episode Rodrigo and I talk about:

Planning and strategy and why things can awry,

The problems managers face,

How crucial communication is to the big picture of running a business or company,

The process of finding your voice and what that means to life and business

And more!


Want to make a bigger impact on your audience?  You’ll need your voice!  If your ready to start your voice journey and catapult your business, reach out to


Guest Bio

Rodrigo Caetano is an expert on planning and strategy. He is the founder and president of Whiteleaf Consulting, a company dedicated to helping innovators become better managers. 

With more than 20 years of professional experience, Rodrigo has gained extensive expertise creating strategic plans in the technology, banking, and telecom industries. In the past, he led several enterprise initiatives with multinational teams from Canada, the United States, Brazil, Peru, Panama, France, the United Kingdom, India and Hong Kong. He truly knows from practical experience what the expression “global village” means.

Rodrigo holds an MBA degree from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, with specialization in strategic management and accounting. He also earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the Pontifical Catholic University, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is a Certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute in Pennsylvania, USA.

Rodrigo believes in having strong values, working hard, working smart and focusing on delivering value.

Now, he is on a mission to help smart managers to regain control of their projects and get back to achieving results.  

You can find out more about Rodrigo and his work at

Episode #49 Voice and Business Strategy w/ Mari Geasair

Episode #49 Voice and Business Strategy w/ Mari Geasair

Episode #49 Voice and Business Strategy w/ Mari Geasair

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got an amazing guest on the show, Mari Geasair.  Mari is an amazing woman who really knows how to help solopreneurs and freelancers.  But, she’s also got an incredible voice story that I just know you are going to love. I had so much fun doing this interview and I know you’ll have fun listening to it!

In this episode, Mari drops tons of value nuggets as we talk about:

Key strategies for success as a solopreneur or freelancer,

Video and why it’s so important,

Costly mistakes and how to avoid them, and more!

What happened to Mari’s voice and what valuable lesson’s she learned from the experience, how she had to create a strategy for her voice and more!

Get ready to learn some seriously valuable insight on how to make your business strategy be the key to your success.


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Want to make a bigger impact with your voice?  Speak with confidence?  Finally be able to say what you long to say and speak it beautifully?  I can help!
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Guest Bio

Mari Geasair specializes in helping solopreneuers and freelancers live their dreams with less stress.  She is a small business strategist teacher, and trainer who primarily works with service-based professionals.  Mari is passionate about helping self-employed seekers such as designers, artist, coaches, authors, consultants, therapists, trainers, healers and other lifestyle professionals find a faster and easier path to achieving their dreams.

Mari brings significant real-world experience, knowledge and a lighthearted approach to her work.  She is a veteran solopreneur herself, having been successfully self-employed for over 25 years.  In addition, she has worked individually and as a group facilitator and expert instructor with thousands of solopreneurs in dozens of different professions.

Here is where you can find Mari and I encourage you to reach out to her, she really knows her stuff!
Twitter: @coachmarig
My LinkedIn Profile is