Transformation Experience to
Unleash Your Voice

A unique training for entreprenuers who are looking for transformation, looking for a powerful container to step into vulnerability and find the real voice.

If you are ready to play bigger with your greatest asset, your REAL voice and expand your reach.

Join me for my voice transformation experience that you didn't even realize would change your business and your life.


November 11th

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    Most entrepreneurs don't realize they are missing something BIG that costs them inside and out...

    Is this you?

    • You've never thought about how powerful your voice is to your success
    • You think you are impacting people but actually, you aren't
    • You are confident but you struggle internally around using your voice, making sure you get everything right.
    • You speak in such a way that most people listen...or not.
    • There is a large group of peole you can't seem to reach
    • You don't feel real when you show up on video or even in sales calls or interviews
    • You say everything on the same note
    • You believe if you can control the outcome that you will get the result yo uwant
    • You struggle on video or gaining followers
    • You have a podcast but people aren't listening
    • You think you have to get the words perfect
    • You struggle getting the words from your head out of your mouth...
    • You are frustrated with your lackluster delivery
    • You do about 42 takes on your videos and still aren't happy with them
    • Your message isn't landing and you've done all the things
    • People aren't connecting with you or you want people to connect with you on the next level
    • You don't have full confidence
    • You aren't using your voice to create an irresistable experience for your listener

    Psychology of the Voice is the thing you did not realize you need THE MOST.

    This is not typical, speak louder, slow down, warm up voice coaching...

    This is inner transformation around how and why you use your voice.

    This is setting your inner and voice limitations free so you can play big with your voice and make the impact you want to make.

    Toastmasters serves a purpose but that isn't what we are doing here.

    This is the deep inner work for those who are ready to step fully into their power and make the impact they were put here to make.

    This is for you if you are ready to get vulnerable and find your real voice.

    This is for you if you are ready to do the work to be set from the limitations that have held you back from reaching ALL of your listeners.

    This is for you if you are ready to learn about a transformation so unique, you did not even know you needed or have any idea there was another level for you.

    This is for you if you want to improve your connections by breaking through and dismantling the subconscious blocks and barriers that are keeping you limited.

    In this one day experience you will learn:

    • What your voice stories are costing you when it comes to playing big vocally
    • The blocks and barriers in your voice that are keeping people from connecting with you
    • What it takes to command a presence
    • Why your real voice is more critical than ever and how to use it
    • How your subconscious is keeping you from using your voice in a way that makes people listen
    • Get free from the inner turmoil around getting the words right, revealing the real you and captivating and compelling your listner
    • e excited to show up and get visible, using your most real, authentic voice
    • Sell with ease and increase your revenue
    • Use your voice as the authority in your space
    • Own your expertise and stand in your power
    • Inspire your listener on another level

    If you want to experience this transformation with hands on coaching, you can join me in the Zoom room for $27.00

    James Wedmore and numerous successful entrprenuers call me their secret weapon.

    Find out why!

    Join the Masterclass and discover what sounds in your voice are being processed negatively in the listener's subconscious.

    Join live in the Zoom room for hands on coaching just $27.00.



    November 11th 7pm ET

    Hear what other's said after the last life changing transformation experience:

    Tracy you are one of the greatest coaches I have ever met. The training was unexpectedly powerful and productive with noticeable results. It has definitely changed my life!

    Leonora Sanchez

    Tracy Goodwin is a genius. Her approach to voice work is unique and insightful. She can identify issues and offer solutions to improve so quickly. I highly recommend any opportunity to worth with Tracy.

    Annie La Voie

    Tracy is amazing and I have learned so much about how to use my voice in a more confident and engaging way to get my message across. I highly recommend Tracy, she is very professional and has a unique approach and methodology.
    Marcos Paternella