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Program and 1-1 coaching below.

The voice leads, it establishes your confidence, your authenticity, your authority.

This is the very part of you that defines you and you have possibly not even thought about it’s power.  

Voice is EVERYTHING, it’s not just speaking on a stage.

Voice is speaking live, webinars, podcasting, videos, e-courses, conference calls, pitches, presentations, voice messages, networking, interviewing, even water cooler conversation.

What is your voice saying?  

Confident, authority, trustable OR low self-esteem, not a leader….it says one or the other.  

You have the power to change it all.

Does your voice get the respect?  The girl?  The status?  Command presence?

If not, we need to change that.

In the modern age of technology, it becomes even more important to have voice power.  It’s far to easy for people to turn you off on a webinar or podcast or video training.

In the time it takes to say “hello” people are judging you, deciding if they want to hire you if they like you but even more if they TRUST you.  Trust is built in the voice.

You know what else is built in the voice?  Repelling me.  If you are in sales, aren’t we all, and you are pushing, using volume and speed to get the words out, you are leaving money on the table!

In order to get what you want in personal and professional life, you have to have a voice that makes people listen.

Do you have voice power?


For over 20 years I’ve taught individuals how to transform their business and personal lives by building confidence through voice power, I can do the same for you, it’s easier than you think.  

If you speak, present, lead, teach, or podcast.  If you are in business, run a business, are an entrepreneur, you MUST step into the power of your voice.  The time is now.  

When you work with me we get rid of that voice story, write a new one.  As we write that new one we get rid of the bad voice habits that you’ve laid in and worked with for years.  In truth, that’s the only way you’ll get rid of the bad habits, no matter how smart you are you can’t think your way through this. 

Then, we lay in the good habits so your sound starts flowing out, you are able to use all five elements of vocal variety, you no longer have patterns or go to’s that are keeping you from getting what you want.  We get rid of the voice barriers that people are hearing, the sounds that repel us because we think you are trying to prove something or asking for our permission. 

The result, you speak with confidence, you command the room, you control the conversation so you get what you want, you let the world hear who you really are and build connections beyond anything you could ever imagine.

We change your voice step by step but we transform your life in the process.

I changed my voice story, I would be honored to help you change yours.  

Write a new voice story with 1-1 sessions

My usual recommendation is that people work with me for 6 weeks.  I can turn a voice pretty quickly.  Now, you might have a little bit of follow up work after we are done but the basic foundation of a voice can be flipped in 4-6 weeks.

When you work with me privately, you commit yourself to 6 1-1 sessions.  In those sessions, I teach you the very technique you need to learn to get rid of the bad voice habits that you’ve put in place and replace them voice habits that will get you to the next level in your business and personal life.

I recommend the 6 sessions are done consecutively with as few breaks in between as possible for maximum success.

After each session, I will write up custom homework for you and send it over along with an audio and video recording of your sessions.

Mid-week in between sessions we can in via video so I can hear how you are doing and you get full email support throughout our time together.

This program is custom tailored to your voice needs including voice on video and podcast.

*Adjustments can be made to this program.

All 1-1 sessions are conducted via Zoom from anywhere in the world.  If you are local to Los Angeles and you would like in-person sessions that can be arranged.

Reclaim Your Real Voice Group Program

If you are looking to work in a small group program, I’ve got one of those as well.

In the group program, I recommend 2 months.  

6 -10 people meet 3 times a week online via Zoom.  During the training sessions, we address your individual needs within the group.


If you’d like to discuss working together on your voice, email to set up a time.


I look forward to hearing your voice.